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About Direct 2 Lab
You have number of reasons to choose us! We manufacture custom night guards, retainers, partial dentures, clip-on-dental veneers, and other quality dental care products. You can now improve your smile, protect your teeth, or add a new one affordably and all in the convenience of your home. Why go to the Dentist, when you can go Direct 2 Lab? We give you a reason 2 smile.
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Welcome to Direct 2 Lab! Your one-stop-solution for dental care products.
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Get an impression kit totally free with every product
Highest quality of teeth devices available in the country.
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” The flipper fits perfectly, great quality. Be aware tho if you are expecting a flipper without metal clasp (like they have pictured) you may end up getting one with metal, that’s visible in the smile line.. I wasn’t contacted letting me know that there would be metal and it’s a real disappointment. I didn’t want any metal showing in my smile at all. Waste of money. “
” OMG I love you guys, I really do. You have given me my smile back without costing me $1200. I now am no longer afraid to flash a smile to people when I greet them like I was. My partial fits perfectly without any modification needed. You are the best! “
” Absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Was an answer to my prayers after I broke my partial. With no dental insurance I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Thanks to Abigail and the whole team at Affordable Dental and their wonderful pricing I am now able to smile again!! Very fast turnaround too! The quality is better than the one that I had. I am ecstatic at how well my partial turned out and the fit is perfect too! Thank you!!!! “

Direct2Lab Helps to Fix Loose Dentures at Home Instantly

It is said “A Smile has the power to change someone’s life’.

However, do you think you haven’t got that perfect smile?

With cracked, crooked, or discolored teeth, we can understand your hesitation to flash a smile.

Don’t worry at all, we got you!

Founded with a single aim to give you a reason to smile, Direct 2 Lab is at your service. Known as “false teeth”, dentures are specially designed to offer relief from your oral health issues. For your convenience, dentures at home are custom-designed to fit perfectly in your mouth. From giving your smile a makeover to fixing your oral health, Direct 2 Lab offers you an opportunity to improve your smile, protect your teeth, or add new teeth set at the convenience of your home.

Direct2Lab is a leading manufacturer and online retailer of full dentures at home, custom night guards, partial dentures, retainers, clip-on-dental veneers, and other top-quality dental care products. At Direct2Lab, we constantly look for ways to enhance customer experience and pioneer oral health. We offer custom dental solutions at an affordable price. We are a team of individuals who want to transform the oral care industry and bring easy dental solutions at an attractive price to your online reach.

Our mission is to provide quality and comfort for a lifetime of dental excellence for people of all ages. To work as a team to inform and educate our patients with personalized and state-of-the-art dental care products.

We provide both full and partial dentures, which are conducive to a patient’s quality of life. Missing teeth can cause several problems, like pain, misalignment of the jaw, and sores. When a patient can’t make it out of the house for a fitting and other appointments, having new dentures provided in-home is the best solution for everyone. Just order online and get dentures at home. They’re convenient and removable, held in the mouth with clasps that rest around the natural teeth. They can be used permanently or as a temporary tooth replacement while a patient is waiting for bone and gums to heal before a more permanent solution can be put in place. Whatever your needs, we have a solution that will work for you.

Direct2Lab has the vision to improve the overall dental health of the public to enhance their quality of life.

We give you a reason to smile, always.

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